Do I need Motivation, Training or a Coach?

We’ve all been there, attending a motivation seminar with hopes of learning the wisdom of the ages and learn the one “magical phrase” or sales technique that will eliminate all objections and close every sale is a powerful lure to a hungry agent.


Unfortunately, as you’ve already experienced, after the motivation wears out we often find ourselves right back where we started just a few short hours or days after the seminar has passed. Struggling to find leads, chasing old prospects that are a dead end and with little to no relief in sight.


Every one of us has experienced this situation one time or another in our career, even the great sales people in your company or your board. The difference is, they never gave up and they developed the necessary skills and habits in order to succeed.


They learned how to “Prospect, Present, List, Screen (buyers) and Close.”


And that is the difference between sales training and sales motivation. Sales motivation will diminish. It will fade and leave you feeling like a failure. But that’s ok, it is important to constantly feed ourselves positive motivation; it will help us with that extra “boost” to make it to the next day, that’s exactly what motivation it’s supposed to do “boost you up!


Now, if your motivation is at an all time high, but your selling skills are not up to par, that sales boost of rocket fuel goes to waste. So the question is why squeeze by when you can skyrocket your production on a consistent basis? Let’s face it; no one is in sales so they can brag they are in sales. It’s all about the opportunity to make a living above the standard.


Sales is the only profession I know that you can have unlimited earning potential as long as you are willing to have the discipline, the skills and the accountability.


Why accountability? Well, after you’ve learned the skills and in order to stay on the right path, you need to someone to be accountable to, preferably someone outside your company or your family; I strongly recommend hiring a coach.  A coach will help you stay on track while giving you the boost you’ll need to stay motivated and productive.


So if cash is the primary motivator to have a professional sales career, why not learn everything you can in order to position yourself among the top producers?


This is the difference between motivation, training and coaching.


All three are needed, having the “know-how” is vital to a sustained, profitable career. Make sure your sales skills are up to date so when you get that occasional rocket fuel boost of motivation, you’ll know what to do with it. And a coach will help you keep that motivation tank full.



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