How to Stay Positive in Today’s Real Estate Market

It’s easy to be positive when times are good. However in light of recent developments, most real estate agents feel down and keeping a positive attitude it’s getting pretty tough. The best way to keep a positive attitude during difficult times is to understand that tough times don’t last forever. It is easier said than done, but here are 4 steps you to stay positive even when everything else seems to be negative.


Step 1

There is an old saying “misery loves company” and it is true. However, when you get in bad situations and tough times, avoid being around negative people who only end up making you feel worse. It also happens that sometimes “our mind” is the negative factor in our lives; avoid listening to negative news, remember “bad news sells”, the media will always make it look worst that is really is (they sell more papers that way).


Step 2

Make up a “feel good” list. List all your personal accomplishments; include everything that makes you feel good. Look through the feel good list and do something on the list that brings a smile to your face and a positive thought to your mind.


Step 3

Say powerful affirmations to keep your self esteem built up. When times are though, it’s very easy to get into negative self talk and feelings when everything is going wrong in our business or lives. This can cause our damage to our self esteem. Look in the mirror and tell yourself “These are tough times, I am a great salesperson, I am strong, I will get through this, I will get past this situation in my life and times will be good again.”


Step 4

When you look good, you feel good. Put your best suit on (or dress), get excited about coming to the office, you’ll walk different, talk different and notice how your attitude changes. You’ll be surprised how a spruce up in your wardrobe and appearance can generate a positive attitude.


One last thought.  If we don’t do anything to change our own situation, then who will?


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  1. Funny that you brought this up! I purposely have to avoid long conversations with some professionals because they have essentially given up on this market. The power of your thoughts is an amazing thing. Expect great things for yourself and you will create the path you walk on. What you think about and thank about is what you bring about. Each of us holds the keys to the doors of opportunity for this New Year! Enjoy your own magnificence!:)

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